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Firefighters Wildfire Communications


Firefighters use hand-held radios, mobile radios, cell phones, sat phones, smart phones, tablets, and laptops while working on wildfires or other incidents. Learn how managers deal with the frequencies and complexities of communications equipment that support wildland firefighters.

This video describes the different radios used in the wildland fire service:

A little adventure deploying a solar powered portable repeater for emergency comms during an incident. Giving a visual idea of terrain and range for VHF repeaters & some details on solar power amperage use:

[beginning at time 7:50]

Realities of tactical communications during an incident, no demo, the real thing in progress. Continuation of the SHTF/WROL prevention theme, will be showing basic repeater theory & tactics. Show what radio bands are preferred in actual „boots on the ground“ communications. The Commo type 1 buildup of a wildland fire response in difficult mountain terrain for radio coverage:

[beginning at time 4:34]

Nízko letiace lietadlá pri hasení požiarov a zlej dohľadnosti kvôli dymu musia dávať pozor okrem iného aj na rádioamatérske anténne systémy.. HI

[od času 3:50]